The fall census numbers are in for Metropolitan State University of Denver. Here are a few high-level stats about our current students.

Undergraduate students 

At census date, MSU Denver had 15,682 undergraduate students.

  • The undergraduate student body contains 54% students of color.  
  • 56% of undergraduates are female, and 44% are male.
  • The average undergraduate age is 24.7 years old.  
  • 58% of undergraduates are first-generation college students.  
  • 59% of undergraduates are attending full-time, meaning they are taking at least 12 credit hours. 41% are taking 11 credits or fewer.  
  • The average credit-hour load for all undergraduate students is 10.88.  
  • The University has 3,704 new students. 1,963 of those new students are first-time freshmen straight from high school, and 1,741 are first-time transfer students.  
  • 95% of undergraduates are in-state residents.  
  • 90% of undergraduates live in the seven-county Denver metropolitan area.  

Graduate students

As of the fall census date, MSU Denver also has 1,170 graduate students.  

  • The University currently has 299 new graduate students.
  • 36% of graduate students are people of color. 
  • 79% of graduate students are female, and 21% are male.  
  • The average graduate-student age is 32.5 years old. 
  • 89% of graduate students are attending full-time, meaning they are taking at least 6 credit hours. 11% of graduate students are taking 5 credits or fewer.   
  • The average credit-hour load for graduate students is 9.19.
  • 92% of graduate students are in-state residents.  
  • 86% of graduate students live in the seven-county Denver metropolitan area.

For interactive visualizations of the data, please visit the Student Profile Dashboards posted on the Institutional Research website. 

Everyone is encouraged to dig into the student-profile dashboards to explore perspectives on the data and to see University trends over time. If you have any questions, please contact Sean Petranovich.