Metropolitan State University of Denver faculty members publish research in some of the world’s most prestigious academic journals and share their knowledge at conferences across the globe. 


Here’s an overview of their recent work: 

Kishore G. Kulkarni, Ph.D., professor, Economics

Cheick Wagué, Ph.D., professor at Southern Stockholm University

Nandakumar Warrier, Ph.D., professor at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode


“Avoiding the Middle Income Trap: Evidence and Examination of Few Countries” 

Saudi Journal of Economics and Finance, Jan. 30. 


Kryss Shane, Ph.D., faculty, Social Work 


“Creating an LGBT+ Inclusive University: A Practical Resource Guide for Faculty and 


Scheduled to be published by Routledge on May 17. 


Eric D. Olson, Ph.D., associate professor in the School of Hospitality and chair of the Rita and Navin Dimond Department of Hotel Management 


The 2022 Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award 

Awarded by the West Federation – International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education. 


Lincoln Davie, Ph.D., assistant professor, Outdoor Recreation 

Nick Lux, M.Ed., Ed.D., associate professor at Montana State University 


Reflective practice and adventure sports coaching: Supporting the coach-athlete relationship 

Published in Taylor & Francis online journal, March 6. 


Paul Murphy, affiliate professor, Health Professions 

Christopher Colwell, M.D., American College of Emergency Physicians fellow 

Pineda Gilbert, M.D. 

Clay Wortham, founder and principal attorney at Wortham LLP. 

Scott Nelson, emergency medical services program director at Texas Southmost College 


EMS TeleMedicine: Watch the Details 

Published in Healthcare Business Today, Feb. 2. 


Sandra Doe, Ed.D., professor, English 


“Peach Dumplings” 

Featured in “No Pepperonis! Just Chicharrones! & Other Tummy Tales” released Oct. 30. 


Annie Butler, Ph.D., chair and professor of Human Services and Counseling and director of the Center for High Risk Youth Studies, Human Services and Counseling 

Cate Hill, MSU Denver graduate 


The Great Reset: Women in the Workforce 

Published by Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, 2022. 


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