Congratulations to all faculty members who were recently elevated to full professor, were recommended for tenure and promotion to associate professor, or were named department chairs or professors emeriti. This is a great achievement, and thank you for your continued devotion to academic excellence and student success. 

Tenure and promotion to associate professor

Jeremiah Castle, Ph.D., Political Science  

Silu Cheng, Ph.D., Finance  

Sonny Dhoot, Ph.D., Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy  

Kelly Evans-Grieshaber, Ph.D., Exercise and Sports Sciences  

Steven Geinitz, Ph.D., Computer Sciences  

Megan Lazorski, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biology  

Yishi Lee, Ph.D., Engineering  

Brian O’Hara, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology  

Daniel Pittman, Ph.D., Computer Sciences  

Alfredo Sanchez, Journalism and Media Production  

Prabhdeep Sandha, Ph.D., Nutrition  

Kathryn Schmidt, Ph.D., Philosophy  

Garvita Thareja, Ph.D., Health Professions  

Marcia Walsh-Aziz, Ph.D., Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences  

Devon Wright, Ph.D., Africana Studies 

Promotion to full professor

Karam Adibifar, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology 

Rosemarie Allen, Ed.D., Special Education, Early Childhood Education and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education 

Andrea Borrego, Ph.D., Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Emily Brower, Ph.D., Nursing 

Barbara EchoHawk, Ph.D., Geology 

Brendan Fry, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics 

Liz Goodnick, Ed.D., Philosophy 

Jeff Hammond, Journalism and Media Production 

Joseph Hasley, Ph.D., Computer Information Systems 

Cynthia Heiss, Ph.D., Nutrition 

Eric James, Ph.D., Communications 

Brenden Kendall, Ph.D., Communications 

Andrea Maestrejuan, Ph.D., History  

Edgar Maldonado, Ph.D., Computer Information Systems 

Rebbecca Nemec, MSN, Nursing 

Eric Olson, Ph.D., Hospitality 

Sandra Posey, Ph.D., Gender, Women and Sexualities Studies 

Sanaa Riaz, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology 

Gene Roberts, Music 

Rachel Sinley, Ph.D., MPH, Nutrition 

Professors emeriti:  

James Aubrey, Ph.D., English  

Antonio Chu, Ph.D., Philosophy  

Carlos Frésquez, Art  

Kathy Heyl, Health and Human Sciences  

Richard Wagner, Ph.D., Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 

Promoted to department chair

Feng Jiang, Ph.D., Computer Science 

Jenny Allert, DNP, Nursing 

Jasmine Harris, Ph.D., Africana Studies 

Matthew Jenkins, Art 

Adriana Nieto, Ph.D., Chicana/o Studies 

Gabrielle Katz, Ph.D., Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 

John Carter, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics 

Silu Cheng, Ph.D., Finance