Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Design hosted a Celebration of Faculty on May 16 to honor the faculty members who completed a yearlong cohort/certification on teaching and learning, facilitated a Faculty Learning Community, worked with instructional designers during a course-development cycle and more. 

The event celebrated faculty members who participated in faculty learning communities and became certified in proactive accessibility. While shining the spotlight on dozens of faculty members who completed the valuable and intensive Association of College and University Educators course on Effective Teaching Practices, the CTLD also recognized its first-ever Design Achievement Award winners.  

“It was such a pleasure to celebrate the faculty members who have done such outstanding work with the CTLD in the last year,” said CTLD Director Jeff Loats, Ph.D. “Aside from the hundreds of faculty members the CTLD team interacts with through workshops, help sessions and other events, it is wonderful that over 150 faculty members put in the time and effort that are worthy of this recognition. 

“There is something special about seeing someone stand in a room of their peers and be personally lauded for the work they do. I saw truly genuine smiles and a clear sense of accomplishment. It was really rewarding.” 

Specific recognition was given in the following categories: 

Faculty Learning Community facilitator recognition: 

  • Kristy Lyons, Ph.D., associate professor of Psychological Sciences
  • Ally Garcia, Ph.D., former principal investigator in the College Assistance Migrant Program  

Proactive Accessibility Certification: 

  • Lisa Ortiz, professor of Journalism and Media Production 
  • Laura Witt, graphic designer and marketing assistant in Innovative and Lifelong Learning  
  • Sarah Reega, transfer evaluator in the Office of the Registrar  

CTLD Design Achievement Awards 

Seventy-three faculty members worked with the CTLD Instructional Design Group on course-development projects over the past year. From these, two instructors were selected from each Course Design Cycle (spring and fall) for special recognition. 

The CTLD Design Achievement Award celebrates the collaborative work performed by MSU Denver faculty members in partnership with the CTLD Instructional Design team as they strive for continuous course improvement.  

Spring 2021: 

  • Katrina McLaughlin, lab coordinator in Engineering and Electrical Technology, for EET-1001: Electronics: An Introduction 
  • Patrick Griswold, R.N., associate professor of Human Services and Counseling, for HSP-3400: Pharmacology of Drugs and Alcohol  

Fall 2021: 

  • Qin Yang, Ph.D., senior lecturer in Mathematics, for MTH-1080: Mathematics for Liberal Arts 
  • IPutu Adi Hiranmayena, affiliate in Musicology and Gamelan Ensemble, for MUS-1050: History of Rock and Roll – Self Paced Online 

ACUE Effective Teaching Practices participants 

Additionally, 29 faculty members were recognized for completing the ACUE Effective Teaching Practices course. The educators were invited to a pinning ceremony where they were recognized by their department chair or dean or the vice provost for Faculty Affairs. 

  • Michael Dally, Speech Communication 
  • Jeff Hammond, Journalism 
  • Kevin Heupel, J.D., Management 
  • Scott Landolt, Ph.D., Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 
  • Laurel Lane, Marketing 
  • Carolyn McGary, Engineering and Engineering Technology 
  • Jacyn Meyer, Management 
  • Nancy Meyer, Speech Communication 
  • Alycia Palmer, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry 
  • Ray Phillips, Aviation and Aerospace Science 
  • David Piacenti, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology 
  • Joshua Prok, Health Professions 
  • Courtney Rocheleau, Ph.D., Psychological Sciences 
  • Yaw Tyng Sheu, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics 
  • Inna Soifer, Ph.D., Hospitality, Tourism and Events 
  • Brenda Wagner, Social Work 
  • Tia Whitaker, Ph.D., Social Work 
  • Parker Wilson, Innovative and Lifelong Learning 
  • Mark Yoss, chair of Aviation and Aerospace Science 
  • Xiaohui You, Ph.D., Health Care Management 
  • Dane Borman, D.C., Biology 
  • Katrina Chaffin, Health Professions 
  • Maureen Flynn, Ph.D., Psychological Sciences 
  • Chalane Lechuga, Ph.D., Chicana/o Studies 
  • Katrina McLaughlin, Engineering and Engineering Technology 
  • Eric Olson, Ph.D., Chair, Hospitality, Tourism and Events 
  • Smita Singh, Hospitality, Tourism and Events 
  • Jenn Walker, Human Services and Counseling 
  • Jessica Weiss, Ph.D., Art 

Special recognition went to the two ACUE Cohort facilitators: 

  • Arlene Sgoutas, Ph.D., Gender, Women and Sexualities Studies 
  • Ranjidha Rajan, lecturer, Computer Sciences