Nominations continue to roll in for Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week awards, highlighting the excellent and important work happening at all levels of the University. This week, we celebrate three members of our University community who inspire students and their colleagues.

David Fine, J.D.

“It brings me joy to work with professionals like this week’s winners, who share a passion for community service,” said David Fine, J.D., general counsel and secretary to the Board of Trustees. “I look forward to another year of collaboration with these inspirational Roadrunners.”

Faculty winner – Vida Melvin, Ph.D., associate professor of Biology

Nominated by student Ana Elfring, who wrote:

Vida Melvin, Ph.D.

“I took Dr. Melvin’s Cell Biology course in fall 2021 and would like to acknowledge and celebrate the impact that experience has had on me as an undergraduate science student.

“I directly attribute my growing confidence in reading and interpreting scientific research articles to Dr. Melvin. The scientific-literacy skills I learned from her continue to complement my education, particularly in my other upper-division science courses. Reading dense scientific articles takes time and effort, and I regularly find myself referring back to the techniques I was taught in Cell Biology to focus and extract key points. Her research-article-summary assignment pushed me to understand connections between laboratory techniques and reported results, interpret complicated figures and more deeply consider how researchers actually develop their hypothesis for a paper.

“Dr. Melvin provided detailed and individualized feedback to everyone in the class throughout this assignment – which was quite a feat considering each student chose their own set of unique research articles to analyze. This demonstrated her commitment to seeing individual students apply these skills in ways meaningful to them.”

Vida, thank you for investing your time and patience into the academic and personal growth of students. The impact of your hard work and dedication has a long-lasting impact far beyond the classroom.

Staff winner – Amanda Berry, director of Total Rewards, Human Resources

Nominated by Fine, who wrote:

Amanda Berry.

“Human Resources is central to the well-being of the Roadrunner community, and Amanda is a bright light in that department. She is unfailingly in good spirits and works tirelessly to support our community. It is always a pleasure to work with Amanda, and I can always count on her to get me the information and help I need, both as general counsel and personally as an employee, especially now when the HR team is under a lot of pressure.”

Amanda, we are so lucky to have caring and compassionate people like you supporting the Roadrunner community. Thank you for continuing to deliver exemplary work and invaluable camaraderie through stressful times.

Seeking student-employee winners

The Early Bird needs more student-employee nominees for the Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week series. Take a moment to share your gratitude for the student employees in your life who are going above and beyond to uphold the University’s CADRE values.

To nominate outstanding employees for the Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week award, please complete the form on the Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week webpage. Tell us how your nominee is making an impact through great teaching, service to students or innovation. Winners will be selected each week and profiled in the Early Bird on Thursdays. Winners will also get a shoutout on social media.