Key takeaways

  • Workday Phase II includes moving the performance-management process to Workday for some employees.  
  • Beginning in June, administrative staff members will use Workday to complete performance evaluations. 
  • Deans, chairs and student employees are anticipated to transition to Workday this year. 
  • Classified employees will not move to Workday and continue the state-aligned performance-evaluation process. 

WorkdayMoving the performance-management process to Workday is part of the Workday Phase II implementation and will occur in waves, beginning with administrative staff in June. However, the goal is to eventually have most employees using Workday for performance evaluations when it makes sense.  

Keep reading to get an update on all employees’ performance-evaluation statuses, including contact information.  

Administrative staff

Beginning this year, performance evaluations for administrative staff will be managed directly in Workday. Evaluations for full-time administrative staff members will be available in Workday on June 1 and must be completed directly in the system by June 30. To help employees navigate this new way of conducting performance evaluations in Workday, plenty of resources are available, including Workday Webinars (search Workday) and workshops focused on how to manage performance evaluations in Workday. There are also performance management job aids, step-by-step guides, videos, webinar recordings and demos that are planned and being developed. Employees should review this Early Bird article to see the full range of performance-management training opportunities available and how to access them. Contact Marlys Rybchenko Other resources available to help include:  

Chairs and deans 

Performance evaluations for chairs and deans will not be managed in Workday for the upcoming 2022-23 performance-evaluation season beginning in June. Evaluations for these two groups are being built and tested within Workday. Once the structure is in place, gathering feedback from University constituents, as well as user testing, will begin to review performance evaluation content, metrics and reporting, as well as alignment to MSU Denver’s mission, vision and strategic pillars. Chair and dean evaluations are anticipated to move to Workday within the next academic year, beginning with dean evaluations in fall, followed by chair evaluations next spring. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Contact: Samuel Jay. 

Classified staff 

Performance evaluations for classified staff will not move to Workday, as they are required by the State of Colorado and must abide by a certain process. In accordance with the state’s guidelines, classified-employee performance evaluations will continue to be managed similarly to how they have been in the past, using the Classified Performance Management Form. This process supports and is in line with the State of Colorado’s requirements. Performance evaluations for classified employees must be completed and submitted to Roberto C. Olivas no later than Aug. 31. Separate communication about classified-employee performance evaluations is forthcoming and will be targeted to classified employees and their supervisors. Contact: Roberto C. Olivas. 


Student employees  

Performance evaluations for student employees are anticipated to be available in Workday by mid-August, when the fall semester begins. This timeline may change, and any details about student-employee evaluations will be communicated to supervisors as information becomes available. The Student Employment team is working through the student-employee evaluation configuration and finalizing scope before beginning the building and testing. As a reminder, performance evaluations for student employees are not mandatory and are necessary only to initiate a wage increase. Contact: Jazmin Rodriguez Delariva.

Workday Phase II will continue to focus on implementing additional tools and resources to better align our talent strategy with MSU Denver’s strategic goals. Moving our performance-management practices to Workday will allow employees to experience a more efficient tool that will empower them to do their best work and track their career goals and progress more easily. 

For more Workday Phase II information, visit the MSU Denver Workday website and stay connected to Workday Early Bird articles sharing Workday Phase II and talent-optimization news and updates.