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Get to know: Cameron Simmons

Admissions’ new director of Diverse Recruitment dishes on the importance of representative leadership, community connections and his new puppy, Bosston.

By Cory Phare

February 10, 2021

Cameron Simmons holding dog Bosston.Metropolitan State University’s new director of Diverse Recruitment, Cameron Simmons, is dedicated to strategically building connections among communities long underrepresented in higher education and the University’s Office of Admissions.

“For me, it’s all about representation,” he said. “Students need to see folks who look like them; that’s what makes them more likely to come to a place like MSU Denver.”

Simmons, who is originally from Colorado Springs, points to his own experience earning the Daniels Fund Scholarship and with the Boys and Girls Club, an organization that helped get him connected early on to higher education; he received a scholarship from the statewide Youth of the Year initiative. He went on to complete his undergraduate and MBA work at the University of Denver.

At DU, he quickly ascended as a leader in the university’s diversity-ambassador and summer-preparation programs before becoming a Roadrunner. His role today is leading recruitment teams for high school, transfer, international and Excel Program outreach, all through a lens supporting the Board of Trustees’ summer resolution on racial justice and equity.

In thinking about where students are in their decision-making process, Simmons emphasized the importance of his initial point of contact with the Boys and Girls Club as integral to planting the seed early and helping him see himself as belonging in college.

“That helped get me to where I am today, and I still have a relationship with the organization because of it,” he said. “Oftentimes, the first people you talk to become an established, consistent foundation.”

Simmons, a first-generation college student, was raised by his grandmother Carolyn Johnson, whom he credits for his ambition and drive. Outside of work, he is also a wine connoisseur, singer/dancer and a licensed Baptist minister.

Another recent addition to his résumé: dog trainer, with new puppy Bosston.

“That’s ‘Boss’ with two s’s – because he’s the boss of the house,” Simmons said.

Reminder: Admissions’ Free App day takes place Saturday and Sunday. Simmons is also leading a section of “The Rowdy Way Counselor Luncheon” targeted to high school/community-college counselors Feb. 19. For more info, contact Simmons or check out the Jan. 27 Early Bird story.

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