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President Davidson continues to drive higher-ed conversations

Davidson joins fellow Auraria Campus leaders for Downtown Denver Partnership event Tuesday.

By Lindsey Coulter

August 10, 2020

Janine Davidson, Ph.D.President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., will join the Downtown Denver Partnership for an in-depth discussion on how the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn and social unrest are impacting the three institutions of higher education at downtown Denver’s Auraria Campus.

Davidson, together with Everett Freeman, Ph.D., president, Community College of Denver, and Michelle Marks, Ph.D., president, University of Colorado Denver, will discuss the unique character of the Auraria Campus as well as the common challenges and opportunities each institution faces related to the pandemic, economy and social issues. As Metropolitan State University of Denver is a member of the Downtown Denver Partnership, registration is open to all Roadrunners. Community members are also welcome to attend.

Reopening the Auraria Campus: How COVID-19, the Economic Downturn and Social Unrest are Impacting Higher Education


3-4 p.m.

Davidson also joined a Colorado Business Roundtable discussion, “Reimagining Higher Education in a Post-pandemic Colorado,” on Wednesday. View a recording of the event to learn more.

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