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HR pilot begins this month

Personnel Action Forms are going online; learn more about this exciting change and see how you can help implement it.

By Angela Roberts

July 9, 2020

MSU Denver signThe Human Resources department, in collaboration with Metropolitan State University of Denver members from Information Technology Services, Payroll, Budget and various departments across campus, has been working on improving and automating processes. As a result, HR has automated the Personnel Action Form to increase speed and efficiency and improve data integrity to make changes to employee records. Banner has the functionality to allow supervisors or delegates to submit these forms electronically via the new Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF). This change benefits all University members, especially with our current remote working environment.

ePAF’s advantages over the previous method are numerous, including:

  • Users can process job changes for their employees conveniently online, empowering departments to make changes for their employees.
  • Transactions can be tracked as they move through the approval process, allowing for easier management of forms and an electronic audit trail.
  • Fewer opportunities for data-entry errors, misplaced forms and missed deadlines.
  • Speed and efficiency.
  • Reduced paper waste.

Please note that HR will no longer accept paper forms as of Sept. 10. This includes:

  • Hires, Transfers, Rehires
  • Changes to the FOAPAL, Hourly Rate, Job Title and Supervisor
  • Secondary Jobs, Salary Supplements, Student Stipends

HR will work with a pilot group in July and will contact specific departments for training beginning in August. If you would like to volunteer for this new process before it is rolled out to the entire University, please complete the ePAF pilot volunteer form.

HR will have live training sessions scheduled that you can register for, and the HR website will be updated with guides and information. Please stay tuned for more communications about ePAF.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Angie Roberts or Ramona Morris.

Topics: Human Resources, ITS

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