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Share lunch and share gratitude

Designed to build campus connections, the Lunch Buddies program invites Roadrunners to release stress and share gratitude.

By Lindsey Coulter

November 23, 2020

It’s been a tumultuous year, but the Roadrunner community is resilient. While moving primarily online has changed the way Metropolitan State University of Denver operates, our community remains strong and connected, thanks in part to programs such as Lunch Buddies.

The Lunch Buddies program invites employees from different offices, departments and corners of the campus to grab lunch virtually and have a chat. Designed to connect employees according to their interests and hobbies, the program aims to break down professional silos and build a friendlier, more cohesive University community.

Students walking on campus in the fall, leaves on trees changingNow, the Lunch Buddies program is inviting Roadrunners to take a few minutes not only to connect with a new colleague but also to share gratitude. Using the #RoadrunnerGratitude hashtag, visit the MSU Denver Faculty and Staff Facebook page and across social media to share what you are grateful for this holiday season. Whether you’re thankful for good health, good friends or the love of family (near or far), join in, share your gratitude and help make the season bright!

To get the conversation started, Lunch Buddies participants shared the following sentiments of gratitude.

I’m thankful for:

  • “working in my ‘comfies.’”
  • “being able to sleep in and not have to commute.”
  • “being able to witness all of my baby’s firsts; her first laugh happened while I was in the middle of a meeting, and I was able to step away for a moment to enjoy it!”
  • “chocolate. Without chocolate (and other treats), this pandemic would’ve been bleaker than ever.”
  • “good health insurance.”
  • “being able to explore new hobbies.”
  • “my cozy slippers! I am always cold, so appreciate anything to keep me warm when the weather gets cold.”
  • “my home, my community and, very honestly, MSU Denver. I am so proud of the way we have been handling ourselves in this situation.”
  • “my shortened commute to work (and friends, family, loved ones, yada yada).”
  • “pumpkin-spice coffee.”
  • “sunny days.”
  • “technology that allows me to see my family’s faces.”
  • “‘The Great British Baking Show.’”
  • “time to reflect. I don’t have answers, but clarity on where I stand is helpful nonetheless!”
  • “that (for the most part and despite everything going on) my family, colleagues and students are all very understanding and considerate of one another. I know of many others who are not inhabiting such a nice social world.”
  • “my job, supportive friends and family, and two furry felines that help me destress; moreover, I’m incredibly appreciative of those who continue to fight the good fight!”
  • “being accepted into an Adult and Higher Education graduate program.”
  • “working at a University that really cares about its students, employees and mission; and for having a great work environment that my supervisor cultivated. I’m still thankful to have a job and a boss who challenges me every day.”

How to join Lunch Buddies

Participants can opt in monthly to be paired with a buddy from another department. Buddies choose a day and time to meet virtually with an open agenda, and lunch is optional. Participants will be paired with a new buddy each month that they opt in but also are encouraged to maintain relationships with past buddies. Please complete the brief registration form. Participants can also email Diane Yee, director, Campus Recreation, with questions or comments.

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