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Hello, my name is … Kyra deGruy

Meet MSU Denver’s Government Affairs coordinator and Champions program director.

By Siet Wright

October 16, 2019

Kyra deGruySocial-justice warrior Kyra deGruy joined the Metropolitan State University of Denver Government Affairs team in March. Before becoming a Roadrunner employee, deGruy was a health-care policy advocate but realized she could be an asset for helping students access a college education.

“MSU Denver is unique in that we serve more first-generation students, students of color and Pell-eligible students than other local universities,” deGruy said. “People who may not otherwise feel like they had a community within a university setting have a place here.”

DeGruy ought to know – she first came to MSU Denver as an adult learner studying integrative health care and was looking for an institution that could accommodate her hectic life and full-time work schedule. Having returned to the University as an employee, she is building a bridge between state government and higher education to help give a voice to MSU Denver students.

What is the Government Affairs team up to at the moment?

Right now, we are getting ready for the next legislative session at the Capitol. That means elevating and promoting the MSU Denver Champions program, working with our faculty members to bring legislation that matters to our student population and creating marketing materials to describe how legislation like Proposition CC could affect MSU Denver students.

If Prop. CC passes in November, it would mean an investment of $100 million for higher education, $100 million for transportation and $100 million for K-12 education in the first year alone. Building a bridge to the legislative process is an important part of advocating for the University’s needs and getting the community involved.

What is the MSU Denver Champions program?

MSU Denver Champions is an advocacy program designed to bring our voice to the table about budget and legislative decisions, to make sure we are speaking to the greater needs of our students.

It’s a network of advocates – including students, faculty, staff, alumni and community leaders – who create a strong, collective voice on behalf of MSU Denver, building relationships and amplifying the great work we are doing here. Roadrunners can sign up to be a Champion at, and we’ll send asks and updates.

What are your goals for your position?

I want to talk about what is so unique and special about MSU Denver because we are doing what public education should be doing. We are a public university, but we don’t get enough public funding. So in part, my goals are to get more funding for the University by building relationships with government that show how MSU Denver is different. We are educating all Coloradans equally, regardless of our students’ backgrounds.

What’s something people might find surprising about you?

I’m currently running for Lakewood City Council, so advocating for policies that work for everyday Coloradans is incredibly important to me. I work for MSU Denver during the day, then at night and on weekends I am campaigning until the election in November. My vision is to support the health, sustainability and inclusivity of Lakewood, while making sure every Coloradan gets a fair shot at access to higher education.

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