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How you can amplify the value of MSU Denver

New Brand Evangelist Program to help faculty and staff promote the best of the University.

By Lindsey Coulter

June 27, 2019

Rowdy standing in power pose on MSU Denver campus in front of Denver cityscape.Metropolitan State University of Denver’s most recent brand audit showed that the University’s reputation for excellence continues to rise. As we debut new degrees, partnerships and opportunities, we’re also preparing to tell a new story through the soon-to-launch Brand Evangelist Program.

The Brand Evangelist Program, which kicks off July 23, recognizes that faculty and staff play a key role in our success as an institution. It invites faculty and staff to learn fun and easy ways to consistently promote the MSU Denver brand of excellence and innovation — and ensures that we’re all “singing from the same songbook.”

“Every time we meet with a student, teach a class or interact with a community member, we have an opportunity to share the value of MSU Denver,” said Cathy Lucas, vice president of strategy. “Having a bold brand supported by a unified voice improves recruitment, retention, fundraising and partnership-building — and ensures that our reputation continues to grow.”

In just 90 minutes, the trainings will cover brand basics, key messages, fun trivia and giveaways, and a sneak peek at the University’s new ad campaign debuting in September. The sessions also provide a platform for faculty and staff to share success stories that reinforce the value and quality of MSU Denver. Those stories may become part of the University’s larger advertising and storytelling efforts.

Hosted by the Strategy, Marketing and Communications Branch, Brand Evangelist trainings will be open to all MSU Denver offices and departments. All teams are strongly encouraged to attend. Training invitations will be sent via email next week.

To learn more, and to sign up for one of three July trainings, please visit

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