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Keeping the Roadrunner flock connected

Students help build community – and make a big financial impact – in the Reach-a-Roadrunner Call Center.

By Siet Milne-Wright

June 20, 2019

A group of student employees working in the Reach-a-Roadrunner Call Center.Metropolitan State University of Denver Roadrunners are bonded by education, and that bond continues beyond graduation. The Reach-a-Roadrunner Call Center works to renew those bonds by reaching out to graduates and creating opportunities for them to give back to MSU Denver.

The center’s dozens of student employees serve as advocates and relationship-builders for the University, inviting alumni back to the campus and updating them on current events and innovations. For some MSU Denver grads, speaking with a center employee is their first contact with the University after graduation and their first opportunity to become a donor.

Donations allow alumni to express their appreciation for MSU Denver while also supporting and celebrating the diverse programs MSU Denver offers. Donations fund scholarships, academic and athletic grants, and other programs that would be otherwise unavailable — and small gifts can add up.

“Engaging the masses to bring in small donations can make a large difference,” said Kyle Backlund, associate director of planned giving in MSU Denver’s Advancement office. “These calls democratize opportunities for philanthropy and help to celebrate people’s love of the school. Any amount helps; no donation is too small.”

Working in the center gives students the opportunity to connect with MSU Denver graduates, and many employees receive career advice or share connections that lead to donations. Occasionally, a student employee strikes gold and elicits a large donation. For example, twice in recent years, Call Center employees have secured six-figure donations — certainly a cause for celebration.

Last semester, President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., recognized the achievements of the center by hosting a pizza party for the student employees. Davidson spoke to the students and reminded them how important their jobs are and that the Call Center is an integral part of the mission of MSU Denver.

“The Call Center is a fun place to work, and the hours are flexible for students,” said Call Center student employee Ava Olmstead. “I feel like I’m making a difference to future students and helping grow our University. I feel more connected to MSU Denver now because I am able to share my student experience with fellow Roadrunners, and I am making a difference for my fellow MSU Denver students.”

Learn more about the Reach-a-Roadrunner Call Center and how it’s keeping students and alumni connected to the MSU Denver mission.

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