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The value of building a solid workplace culture

The Professional Development Conference positively influences work and life at MSU Denver.

By Amber Mozet, Committee Chair of the 2019 Professional Development Conference

May 6, 2019

Professional Development Conference Shap our Systems for Collective Success May For many faculty and staff members, Metropolitan State University of Denver has a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s a quality that might be difficult to encompass but one that keeps us committed to and excited about our roles. Many Denver employees might describe the institution as inclusive, diverse or innovative, while others define it as accessible, collaborative or community-minded. Regardless of the adjective, what we are ultimately describing is workplace culture. The personality of an organization, workplace culture encompasses values, policies, work environment and much more.

The Professional Development Conference is one of the greatest examples of MSU Denver’s commitment to building and continuing to develop an engaging workplace culture. The May 30 conference promotes learning new skills and connecting with colleagues, which are great ways to shape the culture we want at MSU Denver.

The PDC began as a MetroLEADS project to ensure that all employees have access to valuable professional-development opportunities. Now in its 10th year, the event has undergone many changes. Our committee and attendance have grown. Every keynote speaker and all conference themes are relevant to our culture. The entire planning process is thoughtful of the current campus environment. In other words, we give a platform to the topics affecting our culture and work hard to make sure employees are engaged.

We invite you to register today for the Professional Development Conference on May 30 and help MSU Denver continue to build and reinforce a thriving workplace culture.

Learn more about this year’s conference and the theme of “Shape Our Systems for Collective Success” in today’s Early Bird and at the event website. We hope to see you there.

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