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Technically Speaking: email-address best practices

Choosing between MSU Denver and personal email accounts.

By Diane Watkins

February 14, 2019

Close up of computer keyboardMost of us have at least two email addresses: personal and work. There are specific cases for use of one versus the other. At the most basic level: 

  • Use your personal email address for sending personal email messages and for your personal accounts — banking, apps, shopping, etc.
  • Use your Metropolitan State University of Denver email address for all work-related email messages and for University-related accounts — corporate card, shopping for departmental supplies, support requests, etc.

Keeping your personal email address separate from anything business-related will help protect your personal email account from being compromised if the University were to experience a security issue. Similarly, using your MSU Denver email address for only business-related messages and accounts helps protect the University if your personal email account or your identity were to be compromised. 

If you choose to leave the University, maintaining separate email accounts will ease the transition — your MSU Denver email account will expire within 30 days of your separation from the University, so keeping personal accounts linked to your personal email account will avoid accidental loss of access to those resources. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 303-352-7548 or?

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