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MSU Denver named a best institution for student voting

Washington Monthly commends the University for promoting civic engagement and participation.

By Lindsey Coulter

November 6, 2018

Voting buttonMetropolitan State University of Denver’s efforts to develop a diverse, tenacious, primed, purposeful and entrepreneurial student body that values community engagement are getting national attention. MSU Denver was recently included in Washington Monthly’s America’s Best Colleges for Student Voting list. Part of the College Guide and Rankings, the list rates institutions on their contributions to social mobility, research and public service.

On many college and university campuses, fewer than half of eligible student voters exercise their right to cast a ballot in presidential elections. However, as voting habits tend to crystallize in young adulthood, according to Washington Monthly research, colleges and universities have a unique opportunity to encourage students’ civic participation not just for the next election but for life.

In addition to on-campus registration and voting efforts, MSU Denver’s robust Civic Engagement Program specifically seeks to offer educationally meaningful opportunities that help develop students into engaged citizens. The program encourages student involvement in the American Democracy Project, Puksta Foundation Scholars Program, Clinton Global Initiative and others, and also offers mini-grants for emerging civic projects.

“At MSU Denver, our mission is to provide quality, affordable and relevant educational experiences for our students,” said President Janine Davidson, Ph.D. “So we prepare and produce not only graduates who are ready to make contributions to our economy and work world but civically engaged community members who help solve societal issues.”

See the full list of colleges and universities recognized, and show your own civic pride by casting your ballot in today’s midterm elections.

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