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Your opportunity to influence the future of MSU Denver

Co-chairs are needed for President’s Advisory Councils on culture and workplace, infrastructure, and academic excellence and student success.

By Lindsey Coulter

November 26, 2018

MSU Denver signThe purpose of President’s Advisory Councils is to address strategic issues of critical importance to the University’s mission. Councils are tasked with identifying challenges and providing recommendations for addressing those challenges to senior leadership.

Each council is co-led by a faculty member and administrator and includes five to seven core members drawn from faculty, administrators, classified staff and students. Three councils are seeking new leadership, and faculty and staff are encouraged to self-nominate or recommend colleagues for the positions.

All nominations will be reviewed by Cabinet members. Nominations are due no later than 5 p.m. on Dec. 31.

President’s Advisory Council on Culture and Workplace

This council seeks to identify issues and develop recommendations to improve the employee experience and aid the University in attracting and retaining a diverse and highly qualified workforce.

The council is on hiatus and requires two new co-leads (ideally one administrator and one faculty member) to resume efforts. Ideal candidates would be engaged, longstanding staff members who have the resources to become absorbed with the mission of the PACCW for a sustained period.

President’s Council on Academic Excellence and Student Success

The CAESS has spent the past year collecting information and opinions relating to a possible reorganization of the academic departments. That work has mostly been passed on to Provost Vicki Golich, Ph.D., and the CAESS is ready to consider other subjects. Possible areas to focus on are teaching excellence as a retention tool, transferring (both in and out) and classroom-to-career connections.

The council seeks someone to co-lead alongside Jeff Loats, director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design. Ideal candidates are faculty members who have a broad interest in student success, a passion for collaborative work and the ability to balance their other responsibilities with this important work.

President’s Council on Built Environment and Infrastructure

The Built Environment and Infrastructure Advisory Council has gathered data concerning space usage and the University’s built environment and infrastructure needs. Next steps include listening and responding to faculty and staff concerns regarding the state of instructional spaces in shared buildings; determining possibilities for the South Campus; understanding the impact of accreditation on instructional spaces; and examining the use and potential of open/communal spaces.

The council seeks a co-chair to direct it alongside Director of Facilities Planning and Space Management Tina Wells. The ideal candidate will be willing to schedule and run meetings with a variety of personnel from across Auraria, the South Campus, AHEC and the community; able to travel between South and Auraria campuses; and able to set aside personal concerns or agendas to objectively perceive University needs as a whole.

To nominate yourself or a colleague, visit the Qualtrics link, select your preferred Advisory Council and complete the following questions:

1) What do the Advisory Council’s mission and goals mean to the nominee?

2) How would the nominee strive to address the council’s priority items?

3) How would the nominee balance current job duties with the demands of council leadership?

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