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Design team-based projects that students will value

Tomorrow’s CTLD workshop helps faculty develop high-impact collaborative assignments that prepare Roadrunners for the workforce.

By Lindsey Coulter

November 13, 2018

CTLD staff“Teaching Teams to Excel: A Workshop for Faculty” is ideal for any educator who has ever heard a student say, “I hate team projects.”

Chances are, the educator just needs to adjust their approach.

Collaborative, teamwork-based assignments can help students learn to work and solve problems collectively. Listening to the insights of others — especially those with different backgrounds and life experiences — sharpens their understanding and primes them to enter the workforce.

Integrating collaboration and teamwork is also one of the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ high-impact educational practices, shown to raise the level of students’ learning and to help them achieve success in the classroom and beyond. It’s a practice that can affect students’ persistence to graduation, and “Teaching Teams to Excel: A Workshop for Faculty” can help educators better design and facilitate team-based assignments.

Teaching Teams to Excel: A Workshop for Faculty


2-3:30 p.m.

Central Classroom Building 103

This Center for Teaching, Learning and Design workshop explains the key features of effective team-based assignments and the role of the instructor. The workshop is ideal for team-project veterans and novices alike and includes opportunities to discuss and workshop current assignments or ideas for future student projects.

Register for the workshop today, or contact Brenden Kendall, Ph.D., associate professor and associate chair of the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, with questions.

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