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Love it when a plan comes together?

Prepare emergency procedures for your department using the University template.

By Matt Watson

September 18, 2018

Emergency station on Auraria campus.While the Auraria Campus has emergency procedures with general advice for various scenarios, each department on campus should create its own procedures specific to the building(s) it occupies and the employee contacts within the department.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee has developed a downloadable template for creating departmental emergency procedures to determine shelter-in-place locations, evacuation exits, rally points and other critical information at the department level. It also asks departments to list whom to contact in case of emergency and what steps to take for specific situations.

In addition to creating new plans or making sure existing plans are up to date, it’s also critical to make sure those plans have been shared with everyone in the department, including new employees.

If you have questions or would like assistance with developing your departmental emergency-procedures plan, please contact Mark Pokorny, MSU Denver’s environmental and emergency-preparedness manager, at 303-913-5555.

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