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What do you do when a student is injured?

Accidents and injuries happen on campus, and a new webpage provides directions and resources when they do.

By Matt Watson

September 17, 2018

Health Center entranceDid you know that the Health Center at Auraria provides initial first-aid care to stabilize patients who have experienced an accident or injury on campus, free of charge? Or that you should call the Auraria Police Department in the event of a chemical spill?

At times, accidents or injuries occur within the Metropolitan State University of Denver community in which students or members of the public may benefit from resource referrals. While employee-related incidents should be reported through the worker’s-compensation process with Human Resources, MSU Denver has a new accident-and-injuries-resources webpage to help guide you through incidents involving nonemployees, including students and campus guests.

With sections dedicated to on-campus medical treatment, accommodations for students with disabilities including short-term medical conditions, environmental and chemical hazards and more, the website provides centralized resources for previously ambiguous processes and reporting.

An employee workgroup is in the first phase of standardizing the reporting process for campus accidents and injuries involving nonemployees, working toward a standardized accident and injury form for all of campus. The accidents-and-injuries webpage can be found on and the Dean of Students site under “Campus Safety and Compliance.”

For more information, email Emalie Whan-Traylor.

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