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Improved curriculum website makes its debut

The site now provides resources, forms, tools and information regarding all aspects of the process.

By Erica Buckland Anderson

August 16, 2018

new curriculum web pageOver the past several months, the staff in the Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness area have worked hard to get new processes and updates in place to make the curriculum development and review processes smoother and more efficient.

Construction of Metropolitan State University of Denver’s brand-new curriculum website is now complete, and the site is a one-stop resource for exploring curriculum policy, processes and procedures. Besides including training information, deadline information and resources such as the curriculum manuals, the website also includes a Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses many common queries about the curriculum process.

Check out the other great things the updated curriculum website has to offer:

  • The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee and the Faculty Senate made updates to the Undergraduate Curriculum Manual. This new manual is available to view here and here.
  • The PDF versions of the 2018-19 Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs as well as the summer 2018 catalog addendum will be published soon. Keep an eye on the curriculum website for those documents to be uploaded.

Additionally, a curriculum database is in development to serve the dual purpose of housing course information and providing a more complete course import in Curriculog. This project is still in progress, so keep an eye out for updates.

As the next review cycle for curriculum begins, here is some more helpful information:

  • The deadlines for curriculum proposals have been set. Those deadlines are available on the Procedural Calendar as well as on the Curriculog dashboard calendar.
  • Faculty and staff can now view and register for trainings on Curriculog and the Syllabus Archive for the fall semester.
  • Many of the proposal forms in Curriculog are being updated to make them more accessible and user-friendly and will be integrated back into the site as they are completed.
  • The Curriculum mailing list is one of the main communication mediums used to share updates, deadlines and other information related to curriculum. Subscribe to the mailing list to get the latest updates.
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