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Strategy Branch welcomes new staff

Jacque Williams, Johanna Snow, Lindsey Coulter and Tyler Mounsey join the Roadrunner flock.

August 2, 2018

The Metropolitan State University of Denver Strategy Branch — which houses the University’s marketing and communications, government affairs, and events and protocol staff — has several new faces. Jacque Williams, Johanna Snow, Lindsey Coulter and Tyler Mounsey are helping to engage MSU Denver stakeholders and continue building the University’s reputation on campus and within the Denver community.


Jacque WilliamsJacque Williams, Director of Client Services

Jacque Williams is a Roadrunner through and through. She began her career at MSU Denver in the early ’90s, working as a student employee in the Office of Publications, writing and working in graphic design to recruit students and fundraise.

Williams was hired full-time after graduation and worked her way up through the design and public-relations departments. When marketing became an important tool for all colleges and universities, she was named the first assistant director of marketing and eventually became the first marketing director for what was then Metro State College. 

These are accomplishments Williams holds dear as they signified a change in the way national higher-education institutions began to operate and recruit rather than just provide an option for education. That dynamic also strengthened Williams’ professional relationships with faculty and administrators, whom she sees as the touch points to successful student recruitment.

Williams is excited to be back on campus and to see all the changes that have happened over the past 13 years. As director of client services, she will again rely on the knowledge and intuition of MSU Denver faculty and administrators to develop a strategy to recruit the best and brightest students.


Johanna Snow, Strategy Project ManagerJohanna Snow

Johanna Snow joined the MSU Denver team this summer as strategy project manager. An MSU Denver alum, Snow jumped at the opportunity to be a Roadrunner once again.

Snow spent the past seven years working in marketing as the director of client services at an up-and-coming digital advertising agency in Denver and as the marketing manager for a national construction firm, gaining experience in paid and organic search (she is a self-proclaimed Google Analytics nerd) as well as television, radio, print, web and, of course, project management. She is looking forward to using this experience to manage projects relating to President Davidson’s strategic priorities for the University.

In her free time, Snow enjoys travel, photography and trying new foods (preferably doing all three at the same time). Her most recent adventures included spending four months in Southeast Asia, where she visited Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar.


Lindsey CoulterLindsey Coulter, Employee Engagement and Communication Specialist

Lindsey Coulter’s new role at MSU Denver can be more easily summed up by two words: Early Bird. Coulter is the primary point of contact for the daily publication, designed to communicate helpful, important and interesting info and to engage faculty and staff.

Previously, Coulter was a public-information officer for the City and County of Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment, prior to which she served as editor of an education construction and architecture trade publication. She has also worked in the nonprofit sector and spent two years teaching and writing in Incheon, South Korea.

This is also not her first time on the MSU Denver campus. After completing her bachelor’s in communication, Coulter spent three semesters exploring subjects she couldn’t squeeze into her communication program, diving into sociology and environmental science in particular.

Outside the office, she enjoys traveling as far, wide and often as possible. In an effort to never take the beauty of Colorado for granted, however, she also spends plenty of weekends hiking, camping and trying to learn the names of as many native wildflowers as possible. Her next “just for fun” class might have to be horticulture or botany.


Tyler MounseyTyler Mounsey, Director of Government Affairs

Tyler Mounsey recently joined the Strategy Branch as the University’s new director of government affairs. The role is a natural fit for Mounsey, who for the past several years served as the legislative liaison for two state agencies representing the interests of Coloradans at the state Capitol. Most recently, he worked with all 31 Colorado higher-education public institutions to secure record levels of funding for post-secondary education with the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Prior to this, Mounsey served in a similar capacity for the Department of Regulatory Agencies and also as head of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Office of Constituent Services. In 2016, he served as state political director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in Colorado and traveled domestically and abroad with President Obama.

Mounsey graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., with a bachelor’s in political science. While not originally from Colorado, he has made this state his home. He dons his favorite Colorado flag belt buckle every day, occasionally paired with his favorite Colorado flag bow tie. In fact, outside of Roadrunner Red Fridays, he can be found with a bow tie on most days. When not working in the office or shopping for new bow ties, Mounsey spends his time with his wife and their 2-year-old daughter.

At MSU Denver, he hopes to focus his time on increasing funding, promoting diversity and improving accessibly for current and future Roadrunners.

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