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How to: take advantage of expanded tuition benefits

Spouse and dependent coverage, increased credits available and class-standing registration now open to employees.

July 31, 2018

Students and instructor in classroomMetropolitan State University of Denver’s tuition benefit is changing to extend to spouses and dependents, increase the number of state-funded course credits available and opening registration based on class-standing status.

Here’s how to take advantage of the updated benefits coming into effect this fall.

  1. Review the Tuition Benefit Procedures. It is the employee’s/student’s responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions of the tuition benefit. After reviewing the procedures, you can direct questions to the Learning & Development team at
  2. Apply for admission to MSU Denver by Aug. 6.
    1. Visit the Office of Admissions to submit a paper application and mention you are participating in the Employee Tuition Benefit (Admissions is making an exception to its July 23 application deadline for those using this benefit and is unable to reopen electronic applications).
    2. Bring the documents required by your student type. You can find more information on admissions requirements by clicking on your student type from the Admissions website. All required documents must be submitted by Aug. 6 to be considered for fall admission.
    3. All applicants will be held to the admissions requirements, published in the University Catalog. Applicants who fall under Admissions Review will be reviewed for spring 2019 admission.
    4. As part of the Employee Tuition Benefit, the application fee will be waived. Please contact Deserie Ontiveros at with questions on the admissions-application process.
  3. Register for classes via the Student Hub.
  4. Apply for the tuition benefit by Aug. 17 via the online MSU Denver Tuition Benefit Application.

Note: Fall benefit participants will be considered a member of the pilot group. The Learning & Development team relies on this group to help iron out kinks in the process and communicate user experience.

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