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A better way to get reimbursed

Launch of cloud-based system for expense reporting means a streamlined process for you.

By Cory Phare

May 31, 2018

MSU Denver campus Spring Travel-expense reporting and corporate-card reallocations at Metropolitan State University of Denver are about to get a major upgrade.

The shift to Chrome River, a web-based application, means required elements are compiled and submitted in one place. 

“This will make things a lot more streamlined,” said Terri McLaggan, manager of accounts payable. “And you’ll be able to do it from your computer or phone – wherever there’s an internet connection.”

The new process centralizes corporate card transactions and travel-expense reports with cloud-based storage. Instead of dealing with the hassle of saving paper receipts, employees will be able to digitally compile information; this becomes even easier as transactions are automatically generated from the linked corporate card.

And instead of needing to reallocate things from external bank sites, transactions will be stored within the Chrome River interface, where corporate card reports and travel-expense reports will be generated and routed for approval. 

Accounting Services has been working with multiple departments across the University to obtain feedback on how to improve the reallocation process. The move to the new system aims to alleviate the headaches and confusion possible with lost documentation, required forms and back-and-forth email chains, McLaggan said. 

“In addition to centralizing everything to run more efficiently, you’ll be able to see the status of where in the reimbursement process everything is,” she said. “We appreciate all of the feedback and believe that this team effort will help launch us forward… At the end of the day, we want to help people get paid more quickly.”

Open house testing sessions for the campus are slated for mid-June and the new system is planned for deployment starting July 1. For more information or to find out how you can provide feedback, contact Terri McLaggan.

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