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The HLC gets a refi

University administrators say move could save $300,000 a year.

By Nathan Solheim

February 28, 2018

Hospitality Learning CenterMSU Denver is refinancing the Hospitality Learning Center, and it could save the University up to $300,000 per year.

Administration and Finance is working on a deal to lock in a long-term interest rate of 3 percent on the HLC’s bonds. Currently the rate is 4.4 percent.

Steve Kreidler, vice president of administration and finance, said the transaction — while complex — is like refinancing a home mortgage.

“Any time we have a bond come up for refinancing we ask if we can save money, just like a home owner,” Kreidler said.

The new rate, Kreidler said, could mean up to $300,000 in savings for the HLC, which could be used in a number of ways—from funding scholarships to procurement.

The plan received the endorsement of the MSU Denver Board of Trustees at its February meeting and the HLC@Metro Board, which oversees the HLC.

“If you can lock in a rate of 3 percent, you take it,” Kreidler said. “That’s a historically low borrowing amount.”

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