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Recent staff arrivals and departures

Meet the new faculty and staff members now on campus and learn where they work.

By Nathan Solheim

February 13, 2018

MSU Denver signMSU Denver’s new hires

Paul Allison, Director of Application Services, Information Technology Services

Michael Bazemore, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance/Internal Operations, Athletics
Jonathan Evangelista, Assistant Tennis Coach, Athletics

Kyle Bisio, Web Content Specialist, Marketing and Communications

Stacy Cook-LaPointe, Instructor, Education
Dennis DeBay, Lecturer, Education
Cody Jorgensen, Instructor, Education
Roberto Nava, Associate Dean, Education

Nicole Cozzi, Student Success Professional, Center for Advanced STEM Education

Michael Cullinan, Business Intelligence Reporting Specialist, DELTA

William Gaines, Lecturer, Criminal Justice and Criminology

Elizabeth Gallegos, Counselor, Financial Aid

Kimberly Harris, Instructor, Communication Arts and Sciences

Diana Ibarra, Assistant Director, Student Activities

Salim Lakhani, Lecturer, Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Andrew McMillan, Lecturer, Chemistry

Leslie Merrill, Lecturer, Human Performance and Sport
Nicole Predki, Lecturer, Human Performance and Sport

Erin Murray, Lecturer, Nutrition

Fredrick Plahuta, Lecturer, Alternative Licensure Program

Nancy Schoelkopf, Lecturer, Nursing

MSU Denver’s recent departures

Kim Bernie, Graduate Student Services Specialist, College of Business

Ian Bryner, Interim Assistant Volleyball Coach, Athletics

Emily Frank, Counselor, Career Services

Christine Gallager, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Nursing

Michael Kornelsen, Professor, Music

Donald Lewis, Compliance Officer, Accounting Services

Jose Macias, Accounting Tech, Art

Jeanne Olson, Program Assistant, University Advancement
John Pepperdine, Interim AVP of Advancement Opportunities, University Advancement

Dean Wilson, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

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