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It’s time for 360 feedback

Be sure to complete your list of raters.

February 13, 2018

MSU Denver campusIt’s time to begin the administrative employee annual review process, which begins with a 360 evaluation feedback component.

The intent of using a 360 review as part of the annual review process is to provide employees and supervisors with input from multiple view points as they review the past year and set goals and expectations moving forward.

“The 360 is a key part of the review process,” said Josh Mackey, director of MSU Denver Human Resources. “We encourage all administrators to take this evaluation seriously.”

This is one component of the annual review process along with the employee’s self-appraisal and supervisor observations of performance.

Additional details will follow including exact timelines and due dates. MSU Denver has contracted again this year with a third-party vendor—3D Group—to facilitate data collection and reporting.

Here is an overview of the process:

  • Supervisors and employees should work together in coming up with the rater names. Supervisors have final approval of the list. Important Note: If there were supervisor changes during the year, please coordinate with the previous and new supervisor to develop rater lists.
  • Supervisors will receive an email invitation to enter the rater names directly into the survey system. Human Resources will provide instructions on receiving assistance within the tool in a separate communication.
  • All raters will receive an email inviting them to provide feedback. The email will come from The system will be open between approximately Feb. 22 and March 16 and we encourage everyone to participate.
  • Once the survey window closes, survey reports will be created and provided to supervisors. An email will be sent to supervisors advising reports are ready and how to retrieve them. Also included will be report-reading tips and guidance on how to incorporate the feedback into the annual appraisal discussion.
  • Human Resources will provide training for supervisors and employees on the annual review and feedback process. Additional information will be sent including dates and details.

For any questions, contact Diane Forgione at

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