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MSU Denver faculty in the media

Our experts are serving the community by providing insight and perspective.

By Tim Carroll

February 12, 2018

Darrin Duber-SmithEach month, the Early Bird highlights a few faculty members who have served as subject matter experts on timely news topics.

Here’s an overview from January:

Whitney Traylor, associate professor of management and an attorney, was recently recruited by 9NEWS to serve as the station’s legal analyst. His recurring segment airs Friday mornings during the 8 a.m. newscast on the station’s My20 affiliate. He addresses current cases and legal matters of public interest. On Jan. 26, he addressed gerrymandering cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and sanctuary cities.

Elizabeth Hinde, dean of the School of Education, was interviewed in the Denver Business Journal about issues related to the national teacher shortage and how MSU Denver is addressing the challenge in Colorado. Stories appeared on Jan. 12 and Jan. 29.

Darrin Duber-Smith, senior lecturer of marketing, interviewed with CGTN America on Jan. 24 about the slowing growth of small business in the nation due to market entry barriers, lack of access to financial capital and stifled innovation.

Jeff Price, professor of aviation and aerospace science and an airport security expert, interviewed with CNBC on Jan. 7, regarding the top items confiscated by the TSA at airports in 2017.

Norman Provizer, professor of political science, was a guest on Denver7 Politics Unplugged on Jan. 7 to address legislative priorities in Washington in early 2018.

For a full list of faculty featured as experts in the media, visit the Daily News Clips in MSU Denver’s newsroom.

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