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Made changes to your benefits?

Any changes will show in February paychecks. Oh, and HR has some other changes, too.

By Nathan Solheim

January 30, 2018

MSU Denver campus MSU Denver employees who made changes to their benefits will see those changes reflected in their February paychecks.

For instance, an employee who switched from the Blue Advantage HMO/POS to a high deductible plan will notice the rate changes next month.

MSU Denver Human Resources reported a few other developments in employee benefits:

  • Optional life insurance rates decreased 40 percent.
  • Dental insurance increased less than $1 per month.
  • Medical insurance premiums remained the same.
  • A $3,000 hearing aid benefit was added to medical insurance plans.

Even though the University’s insurance premium went up this year, “We went to the budget office and they crunched some numbers and were able to find a way to keep from passing on the cost to employees,” said Amanda Berry, MSU Denver’s benefits manager.


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