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Teach your dream class

Submit your idea for an honors colloquium and, if selected, receive a budget and stipend.

By Nathan Solheim

January 23, 2018

Honors orientationThe Honors Program is looking for a few good professors.

Affiliate and full-time faculty can propose an Honors Colloquium course and receive a $500 stipend to develop the course and a $500 budget for interdisciplinary activities such as inviting guest speakers. 

“The Honors Colloquium courses are interdisciplinary and cover varied topics while seeking to engage students in rich discussion on topics of enduring importance for human society,” said Megan Hughes-Zarzo, director of the Honors program. “Successful courses are often offered more than once, especially when honors students request a second opportunity to take a given course.” 

The Honors Council will select four to eight proposals this semester. Selected course proposals will be included in the HON course rotation during fall, spring and summer semesters in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years. 

Proposals are due by Jan. 26

Departments who “lend” a full-time faculty member to the Honors Program for a semester will receive funding from the Provost’s Office to hire an affiliate faculty to teach the vacant departmental course, Hughes-Zarzo added. 

 Recent past Colloquium courses have included titles such as:

  • Humor Studies
  • i, Apocalypse: Apocalyptic Visions in the Digital Age
  • Global Perspectives: Introduction to Global Engagement and Citizenship
  • Making Meaning through Our Things
  • Praxis of Inclusion: Engaging Power, Privilege and Oppression in Action
  • Love
  • Food, Farms and the Environment
  • Sports in America
  • The Purpose, Place and Price of Arts in America
  • Solving Social and Community Issues: Multi-System, Multidisciplinary Approaches

 Next semester features the following courses:

  • Freedom and Sin at the Cinema
  • Global Economics and International Trade 

For more information, please email Megan Hughes-Zarzo or check out the FAQs. Faculty can download a proposal form on the Honors Program website

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