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Five things you should know about this year’s advertising campaign

An expanded digital footprint, recruiting support and a whole lot more.

By Nathan Solheim

January 23, 2018

Samantha Sizemore ad

MSU Denver launched the 2018 phase of its successful “Run Your Own Road” advertising campaign in January with a refreshed look, a focus on the University’s digital footprint and more support for recruitment and retention.

We talked to all the key players in the campaign — Steve Krizman, interim AVP of marketing and communications; Julie Lucas, senior director of integrated marketing and communications; Scott Surine, interim director of brand strategy; and Miguel Garza Wicker, director of digital strategy — and asked them to explain what's different about this year. 

1 . Expanding the University’s digital footprint

Look for MSU Denver ads to pop up on a multitude of digital channels, including Facebook, Google, Pandora, YouTube and other digital channels. And for the first time, the University will be using geofencing, which narrows down the location of prospective students within a geographical area.

“By using digital marketing, we are reducing costs and expanding our reach,” Garza Wicker said. “We’re able to connect with a great number of prospective students and we’re also able to be more precise about who sees our message and how to reach them.”

2. Targeting the admissions and recruiting cycle

Marketing and Communications will target specific digital ads to support recruiting and retention down to the individual department. Ads also feature alumni who have great stories that underscore the value of an MSU Denver education.

“I want people to see all of the possibilities to pursuing your career path at MSU Denver,” Lucas said. “The ads illustrate the extraordinary roads people take to achieve career success.”

3. Flexibility of messaging

Digital ads will be monitored for reach, clicks, impressions and conversions. Keeping real-time analytics means the University can adjust quickly and be more effective about messaging. While digital advertising is key, the University will continue using traditional formats such as billboards and bus tails as well as utilizing Latino/a media like Telemundo and KUVO radio.

Dan Strawn ad

4. Updating the visual presentation

Elements from previous campaigns were refreshed for a cleaner approach. By using the University’s informal logo, the campaign aims to get people saying “MSU Denver” to help drive home MSU Denver’s status as a University.

“We’re going for a more streamlined, simpler visual presentation that allows the message to become more readily apparent,” Surine said. “A more succinct #runyourownroad graphic helps draw attention to the call to action.”

5. Integrating with the website

Digital ads transition prospective students seamlessly to the University website, which allows for more direct and immediate audience engagement. Prospective students also will have more options at the website to request information, find out more about MSU Denver or even apply.

“When we’re out there in the field at full force, I hope that the people of the University feel proud to be associated with MSU Denver and help us share our story,” Krizman said. “I’d like to see this campaign galvanize the faculty and staff behind the excellent, inspiring message that’s in this advertising campaign.”

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