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Council of Administrators update

Top issues being addressed by the group that represents administrative employees.

By Cory Phare

January 11, 2018

MSU Denver campus Administrative employees have a voice in influencing policy via the Council of Administrators (COA). Its president, Evan Bowles, said a lot was accomplished in 2017 – and there’s even more in store for the spring semester.

“We’ve seen a growth in interdepartmental collaboration, opening of the lines of communication and the continued growth of a professional network,” Bowles said. “And that’s fueled by employee engagement – we have a huge, broad set of expertise on campus, so encourage everyone to come out to our meetings and get involved.”

Previous year highlights and upcoming priorities include:

  • Discussions with Human Resources to begin allowing employees to roll over sick leave from fiscal year to fiscal year with a maximum rollover of 480 hours. The goal is to allow employees to accumulate the sick leave hours in the event they need to be out for an extended period of time.
  • Working with consultants to advise on employee handbook policies and language.
  • The steering committee received recommendations from the shared governance implementation team; the three main items included bylaw modifications to open meetings to the public, allowing anyone who is part of the campus community to be part of the committee and the inclusion of a mission identifying constituents. The COA is in the process of developing a formal response to the implementation team to clarify recommendations.
  • The Roadrunner Gratitude initiative wrapped up a successful second undertaking, filling the foyers of West Classroom, the Administration building and the Student Success Building with red feathers and notes of appreciation. Bowles thanked Greta Mincer, Josh Mackey, Christine Gallager, Sarah Hunsinger and Savannah Bustos for their work on the project.
  • In addition to encouraging broad employee participation across each of the President’s Advisory Councils, COA anticipates particular involvement with the Workplace and Culture Council.
  • Continued opportunities to engage the campus community through social events throughout the year.

Bowles encouraged potential guest presenters or those with thoughts/concerns to reach out directly to anyone on COA’s steering committee, or by sending an email to to communicate confidentially.

COA meetings take place the third Thursday of each month at 1 p.m. in SSB 400 (unless otherwise noted).

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