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Recent staff arrivals and departures

Meet the new faculty and staff members now on campus and learn where they work.

January 10, 2018

MSU Denver’s new hires

Holly Blaschke, Executive Assistant to the President, President's Office
David Fine, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, President's Office

Lauren Coleman, Administrative Assistant, Accounting

Kajuan Hernandez, Health Care Tech III, Health Center at Auraria.
Tifany Hernandez-Carmon, Administrative Assistant III, Health Center at Auraria.

Anjeli Dwyer, Academic Advisor, College of Professional Studies

Douglas Graves, Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center

Timothy Hawkins, Proposal Development Specialist, Grants and Sponsored Programs

Ned Hoewisch, Data Analyst Assistant, Business Intelligence

Angela Jackson, Interim Administrative Assistant, Accounting Services

Ruby Matheny, Internship Development and Database Manager, Applied Learning Center

Aurora Melnyk, Grant Project Manager, Social Work

Casey Monson, Helpdesk Specialist, Client Services

Alejandra Myerston Castillo, ESL/Student Success Specialist, Center for Equity and Student Achievement

Melinda Olivarez, Paralegal, Assistant Secretary, Legal Office

Kaitlin Pace, Office Manager, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Michelle Ruiz, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist, Academic Advising

Gregory Singer, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Tisha Townsend, Advisor, TRIO Scholar, TRIO Programs

Jessica Ward, Human Resources Associate, Human Resources

Emalie Whan-Traylor, Dean of Students Office Coordinator, Student Life 

Todd Wolfe, Instructional Media Specialist, Center for Faculty Development


Employee departures from MSU Denver

Katherine Agathon, Career Specialist, Career Services

Jeremiah Allen, Interim Class/Comp Specialist, Human Resources

Meishon Bell, Administrative Assistant, TRIO Programs

Michael Caston, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

Daniel Cohen, Equity Specialist/Technical Coordinator, Western Educational Equity Assistance Center

Barbara Garcia, Program Assistant I, Student Accounts and Business Services

Allison Greene, Grants Services Coordinator, Social Work

Velveta Golightly-Howell, Interim Executive Equal Opportunity Director, Equal Opportunity

Cary Groom, Associate Athletic Director, Athletics

Mary Heuwinkel, Senior Lecturer of TED1, Elementary Education

Joel Hughes, Web Developer, Marketing and Communications

Gemma James, Department Coordinator, School of Business

Debora Martin, Program Assistant I, Human Services

Virginia Mennenga, Administrative Assistant III, Alumni Relations

Shari Nolan, Lecturer, Alternative Licensure Program

*This month’s list includes staff changes from November and December.


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