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Prestigious international journal taps psych professor

Aaron Richmond named editor of “Teaching of Psychology.”

By Nathan Solheim

January 9, 2018

Aaron Richmond

Psychology Professor Aaron Richmond has been named editor of “Teaching of Psychology” – a prestigious international peer-reviewed research journal published by Sage Publications.

Richmond will serve a six-year term and becomes the publication’s fifth editor. He’ll be responsible for reviewing more than 200 manuscripts per year, and coordinating two associate editors and 24 consulting editors.

“There’s only one editor—they could have tapped someone from any state or institution but they chose someone from MSU Denver,” says Psychology Department Chair Layton Curl. “I can’t imagine a higher honor for someone who’s focused on the teaching of psychology than being asked to review all the submissions. It shows that the American Psychological Association trusts the research that is being done here and our faculty.”

Richmond has been a productive researcher in the area of teaching psychology with four books, 16 book chapters and 40 peer-reviewed journal articles. He has published six articles in “Teaching in Psychology,” with 12 MSU Denver student co-authors. He has served on its editorial board for more than a decade.

The journal, which was established in 1958, is published four times a year and covers a range of topics devoted to psychology pedagogy. Currently, more than 6,000 people subscribe to the journal.

Richmond was nominated by professors Susan Nolan of Seton Hall University, William Woody of the University of Northern Colorado and Regan Gurung of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He was selected for the position by the Executive Committee of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association.

“I was quite shocked actually, it was a highly competitive position,” Richmond said. “It took a while to sink in.”

Richmond says he’s outlined several goals for the journal, including increasing the number of issues, growing readership and expanding its presence on social media.

MSU Denver’s psychology faculty is active nationally, serving in leadership positions with the Society of Teaching of Psychology. Several have been published in “Teaching of Psychology,” including Curl, Bethany Fleck Dillen, Pamela Ansburg, Courtney Rocheleau, Anna Ropp, Bridget Murphy Kelsey, Lisa Kindleberger Hagan and Cheryl Sanders.

Richmond says he’s looking forward to working with the rest of the editorial staff at the journal and the opportunity to shape the field of teaching of psychology research while becoming a more effective teacher in the process.

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