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This Roadrunner has facility with facilities

Tina Wells takes over as MSU Denver’s director of facilities and space management.

By Nathan Solheim

October 10, 2017

Tina WellsThe MSU Denver Office of Facilities has a new leader.

Tina Wells has been named director of facilities planning and space management, a position that oversees the University’s buildings and grounds.

Wells, who started at MSU Denver in 2014 as a construction project manager on the Aerospace and Engineering Science Building, will oversee a six-person office along with two student-employees.

We talked with Wells about her new position, her career and what’s next.

What have you worked on here?
“I’ve worked on the AES Building and the Student Success Building lobby remodel. I’ve also worked on the brewing program in the Tivoli Building and the DIME space at 800 Kalamath St., both of which are ongoing. Any construction that’s been MSU Denver recently, I’ve touched.

What’s it been like to work on these projects?
It’s been great—I love the diversity of the projects. Many of the projects were new academic initiatives for the University. I’m excited to help lead MSU Denver in the buildout of its campus neighborhood.

How did you get into facilities planning and construction management?
I have a degree in civil engineering and I wanted to get field experiences before pursuing a career in design. I often heard designers are great at putting things on paper but they’re not great at understanding how things are built in the field. So I wanted to gain experience in the field of construction before pursuing my career as a designer. After I graduated, a small general contractor hired me in Colorado Springs and I found out that I absolutely loved the construction part. This is my 13th year now.

What attracted you to MSU Denver?
I am a first-generation Hispanic female construction project manager. I am the definition of the demographic MSU Denver aims to provide successful careers for. I love the mission here so that was my draw.

What are your goals?
Facilities here have been in a reactive mode and it’s a fairly young department. The department is five years old and in that time we’ve built – the AES Building, the Regency Athletic Complex, the Hospitality Learning Center and the Student Success Building. I’d like to formalize our process and our procedures and I’d like to focus in on sustainability of our built environment.

What’s the best part of your job?
Serving students. We’re all here for students and as a Facilities Director you are given this unique opportunity to provide a built environment that’s inviting and conducive to learning and that leads them on a path to success.

What’s the most common call you get?
The most common calls we get are, ‘it’s too hot in my office,’ or ‘I can’t get into my office.’

What’s something people at work may not know about you?
I’m an awesome rapper, I can kill it to TLC and Salt N’ Pepa.

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