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Moving right along

The effort to switch phones continues on to a new part of campus.

By Diane Watkins

October 9, 2017

ITS will begin distributing new phones and phone numbers at MSU Denver soon. The ITS Telephony Implementation Team recently completed Wave 2 of the telephone-deployment initiative in the Administration, Science and Tivoli buildings.

Wave 3, which is scheduled to be completed by Nov. 1, recently began in the following buildings: Boulder Creek, Golda Meir House, Hospitality Learning Center, King Center, Modular Offices, Rectory Office, North Classroom, Ninth Street, PE/Event Center, Regency Athletic Complex, St. Cajetan’s Center and Seventh Street Classroom.

If your office is in one of these buildings and you would like information about what you need to do prior to receiving your new telephone, please watch the What's Needed From You? video. It provides helpful information about preparing your workspace prior to the telephone deployment in your department.

If you’ve already received a new phone, it is recommended that you:

  • Change the greeting on your old phone number to inform callers that you have a new number. This message will remain on the AHEC phone system through Dec. 1.
  • Set your old phone number to not accept voicemail messages.
  • Update your profile in Banner with your new phone number.

The First Steps webpage provides instructions for completing the steps above. You can also find helpful information about how to use your new phone at and general information about the project on the Telecommunications Initiative webpage.

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