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Share your perspective

Employees are invited to “Bring it to the Table” with Julie Winokur.

By Gretta Mincer

October 2, 2017

Julie WinokurBefore the 2012 presidential election, Julie Winokur’s 17-year-son called her the most politically intolerant person he knew. He told her that if the “other side,” had a good idea, she wouldn’t know because she hadn’t been listening. His claim inspired her to travel across the country with a small folding table and invite people to sit down to discuss the roots of their political beliefs. What started as a journey of redemption turned into a campaign to reclaim civil discourse in the United States. At the core of this effort is a rallying cry for every citizen to take ownership of their biases and to recognize our personal responsibility in either dividing or healing the nation.

Are you concerned about the breakdown of civil discourse in American society? Are you looking for ways to teach your students about the value of listening and sharing perspectives?

If so, you are invited to attend Bring It to the Table with Julie Winokur, an interactive event for students, faculty and staff. Immigration will be the topic.

Time: 9:30 a.m.
Date: Oct. 4
Location: Tivoli 440.

Individuals, groups and classes are welcome and encouraged to attend. Space is limited. RSVP by emailing Gretta Mincer, associate director of student activities. 

The event is sponsored by MSU Denver's Student Activities, Student Government Assembly and the vice president for Academic and Student Affairs.

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