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Social media spreads faculty love

Facebook followers tell us about teachers and professors who changed their lives

By Ruya Norton

August 7, 2017


In mid-July, we gave our Facebook followers a simple prompt: “Tell us about a teacher or professor who changed your life.”

As answers streamed in, it became increasingly clear that gratitude for our faculty is tremendous, but often unseen. We wanted to share the love with you.

Here’s a selection of responses and don’t forget to visit the original post (new entries continue to trickle in!).


Understandably, it was hard to pick just one life-changing teacher!

?Oscar Gonzalez Dr. Deborah Horan, Dr. Krista Griffin, Dr. María Rey Lopez, Dr. Graham Ignizio, Dr. Ibon Izurieta and Dr. Lupe Martinez!


We have some pretty fantastic faculty members after all…

Angelena Cole ?Marty Loschen, ?Laurel Hayden Hyslop, ?Lisa Kindleberger Hagan, ?Lisa Badanes, Kathleen Luttenegger, and Karam Adibifar have been my best professors so far. There is so much I can say about each one of you, you have impacted my life and I'm forever grateful to have been in your class because I not only learned the material but I learned more about myself.


There were some fun interactions between faculty and students.

?David Crumbaker Mighty big thanks to Dr. ?Sheila Rucki for helping me to broaden my perspective, deepen my focus, and toss away those rose colored glasses. Cheers! ?Sheila Rucki Awww. You were a delightful student and improved every class you were in! ?Brandon Faber You put on a hard but really good class Dr. Rucki. I learned a ton about Political Philosophy!


 Health Professions earned a shout-out.

?Pam Barnard-Newberg Emory Crebo Wilder fabulous teacher who allows the truth to surface!  Michelle Tollefson who shows students the way to change lifestyles for their clients.  Both are the best MSU PROFESSORS!!!


As did entire departments.

?Morgan Reed Bronson The math education department! Thank you!!


Some students learned alongside their mentors…

?Melissa Romero ?Marilyn Starrett.. I'm not doing PR, but being your TA started my entire path


Nothing wrong with piling on the love!

?Ivan Ruesta Diane Davis ?Brooke Evans ?Diane Davis ?Stephanie Laughlin I waited months and finally got off the waitlist and snagged her for Calc III this fall, I'm so excited, thank you Diane for being such an amazing instructor!! ?Grant Denn Winner winner


Emojis came out strong.?Stephanie DeBord ?Nicole Furuiye ?Nicole Furuiye Awww ?? Thank you! Students like you are why I love my job!


Perhaps most importantly, alumni thanked faculty for helping them succeed in their next chapters.

?Katie Norton Dr. Barbara Koehler, Dr. Becky Trammell and Dr. Lawrence Glatz! So grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from them. Wouldn't have gotten into law school without their support!

See the original post for more warm fuzzies!

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