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The professor’s room – Carol Krugman

An occasional series that gets within the inner sanctums of academia – because clever people have interesting rooms.

By Mark Cox

April 19, 2017

Carol Krugman in her office.

Here is Mighty Mouse; hear her roar. Hospitality, Tourism and Events Department chair and campus legend Carol Krugman attempts to pack her big personality into a short interview.

1. Artworks

My husband created all the artwork on the wall behind me – every one was painted by him. He also designed the needlework piece (just above Carol’s head and to the right) but I did all the stitching for them.

2. Mexican blanket

I spent a lot of my pre-academic professional life in Latin America, and the beautifully colored blanket I’m sitting on so demurely is from Mexico. It really evokes a sense of the place for me.

3. Signature cushion

This plump cushion arrived when I was inducted into the Convention Industry Council Hall of Leaders last October. This is the biggest deal in the meeting and events industry – we’re talking our equivalent of a Lifetime Achievement Oscar. And in May, I’ll be getting a second Lifetime Achievement Award from the Professional Convention Management Association, which is the second highest honor in the industry. What are these people trying to tell me – it’s time to retire?

4. Eyeglasses

Both my husband and I wear exactly the same glasses. When he suggested I get the same pair that he wore, I said, “But we’ll look like the goofy old couple that dresses alike.” And he said, “But we are a goofy old couple!” Oy. When you get to my age, you don’t give a rat’s tuchus anymore – you just go with it.

5. Portuguese statue

This statue was my mother’s. Whenever we had a special family celebration, that little guy was always the centerpiece on the table – he was the indicator that it really was a special occasion. Having him here is a way to keep my late mother with me, and also a reminder of how special it is to come in here every day.

6. Mighty Mouse T-shirt

That’s my nickname here among the students. Whenever I have to send them an important email, I put “Message from Mighty Mouse” in the title box and they know to pay attention. I’ve had the name for about three years now. But, I mean, look at me – I’m 4 feet 10-3/4 inches when I stand up straight, and I’m not telling you how many pounds. The name works.

7. Brazil painting

I’m all about the colors, and so love this painting from Rio de Janeiro. I worked and lived in the city for many years – I ran my own company there – and altogether collected about 20 pieces by this artist (Sinesio Brandao). It was a very happy and productive time in my life.

PS. Calling all faculty members…
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