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Need a course makeover?

Take advantage of CourseAssist/CourseConstellation, offered by the ITS Educational Technology Center.

April 17, 2017

As the name suggests, CourseAssist provides highly-focused individual feedback and recommendations tailored to your unique needs and strengths.

The ITS Educational Technology Center assembles a pertinent group of experts to do a comprehensive analysis of your existing online course design. They’ll help identify the merits and gaps within your online course to serve as a blueprint for continuous course improvement.

Courses selected for the CourseAssist program get access to instructional design experts who help create a custom game plan, suggesting practical ideas and a wide range of design strategies to make an incremental but meaningful transformation to your course. Space is limited, so submit your CourseAssist application today.

In a time crunch?

Consider CourseConstellation, a highly collaborative engagement between instructional design experts and a collegial community, focusing on achieving a common goal.

In this program, you could apply as a faculty facilitator and recruit a minimum of three and maximum of six colleagues, or join an established cohort who are accepting additional members. The community gains from a collective understanding, shared experiences, accomplishment and support. Space is limited, so apply to facilitate a CourseConstellation today.

It only takes a few strategic adjustments to enhance your course’s effectiveness, engage your students and inspire them to elevate their academic performance. The applications for CourseAssist and CourseConstellation are open until May 15, 2017, for the fall 2017 cycle, but space is limited, so don’t wait! 

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