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Roadrunner congratulations!

Awards from the Small Business Institute and the Society of Physics; course certification from Quality Matters.

By Rachel Bruner

March 30, 2017

Small Business Institute Recognitions

The Small Business Institute’s annual conference in February proved to be successful for several faculty, alumni and students from the Accounting and Management departments.

Accounting Professor Doug Laufer and Accounting student Mark Mulligan presented their paper “Internal Investigations Case Study – Time Sheet Irregularities.”

Associate Professor of Accounting Andrew Holt and alumna Juliane Mann (M.P. Acc. ’16) presented and received the Distinguished Empirical Paper Award for “The Boardroom Diversity Policies of Small Public Companies in Europe: a Comparative Study of the Proportion Of Female Directors and Accounting Executives Within German and U.K. Boardrooms.”

Holt and Accounting lecturers Amy Cardillo and Christine Kuglin presented their paper: “Using Collaboration Between Undergraduate and Graduate Students as a Catalyst for Experiential Learning in a Community-based Environment.

Management Professor Lynn Hoffman and three accounting students took third place in the undergraduate comprehensive national competition for their analysis of “Exposure,” an experiential learning project.

Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Management David Bechtold and Ko-Hui Tung of Long Sheng Technologies received the Distinguished Conceptual Paper Award for “The small business institute's field-based consulting and knowledge acquisition and retention.”

Quality Matters Certification

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Emily Ragan’s general chemistry course and affiliate faculty member Elizabeth Simmons’s physical oceanography course were the first in the University’s history to be awarded Quality Matters Certification.

QM is a leading internationally recognized quality assurance organization that provides the gold standard for certifying the quality of online courses and programs. Ragan’s and Simmons’s courses exceeded QM’s standard for certification, scoring a perfect 100 percent where only 85 percent is required.

The certification fulfills goals outlined in MSU Denver’s Continuous Course Improvement Plan for 2016-17.

Future Faces of Physics Award

MSU Denver’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students received the Future Faces of Physics Award from the parent organization. The award is given to chapters that, through a project proposal, promote physics to the historically underrepresented. The chapter will receive $500 for its proposal “Be a Scientist Day.”

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