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‘Tis the season ... for beer

Explore the science, history and food pairings for seasonal beers available in the Tivoli taproom.

By John Arnold and Cory Phare

December 13, 2016

Beer. It’s one of the oldest beverages known to civilization, and Colorado’s craft scene certainly needs no introduction. But did you know you can enjoy the fermented fruits of a labor brewed and distributed on a college campus in downtown Denver?

Here’s what’s on tap for the Auraria Campus as a libation destination. Join Tivoli Brewing Company Master Brewer Dieter Foerstner and Director of the MSU Denver Brewing Industry Operations Program Scott Kerkmans as they discuss winter beers and the different ways to enjoy them this season.

Beer Notes // Winter Brews at the Tivoli Taproom from MSU Denver on Vimeo.

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