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Grade A Papers

Kudos to economics and management professors for their well-received papers and journal articles.

By Rachel Bruner

November 30, 2016

Economics professor Kishore G. Kulkarni recently presented his coauthored paper “Changing of the Guard: Who will Lead the Global Growth?” at an annual Southern Economics Association meeting in Washington, D.C. The SEA is one of the oldest economics associations in the United States and the eighth oldest American scholarly journal in economics. The association aims to further the education of scholars and the public in economic affairs.

“Selecting Effective Instructors: An Exploratory Study of University Faculty Members” by Management professors Jud Faurer and Cindy Sutton was published in the American National Business Hall of Fame’s Journal of Business Leadership. JBL is a multidisciplinary journal that encourages scholar, professional and student publications that are related to leadership and management issues in organizations.

Management professor Eric Blomfelt’s paper “The Temptation for Entrepreneurs to Use On-Call Employees” and Management professor Nina Radojevich-Kelley’s paper “Nonprofit Crowdfunding: What Makes a Campaign Succeed?” were recently both voted to be Best Paper in their sessions at the 2016 Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International Conference. ABEAI aims to provide a friendly and scholarly forum for the exchange of research papers and ideas among faculty members and practitioners in business and entrepreneurship.

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