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DreamSpark Premium

This page is for Engineering Technology Students Only! Contact your respective department if you are not!

MSU Denver's Engineering Technology Department participates in DreamSpark Premium formerly known as the Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) so our students have access to development software at no cost to them.

Computer Science Students click here for your Department.

Note: the Microsoft Office Suite products (word, excel, etc.) are not available. Also, you may not receive software unrelated to a MSU Denver class.

In order to receive software from this program, you must follow these steps:

  1. Civil Students Contact Mr. Edward Steinhauser E-Mail:
    Mechanical Students Contact Mr. David McCallum  E-Mail:
    Electrical Students Contact Ms. Katrina McLaughlin E-Mail:            
    using ONLY your MSU Denver e-mail supply one of the above with:

    • your name,
    • Student ID number (900 number),
    • Engineering Technology class your are taking,
    • Your instructors' names,
    • Supply whether you have had an Engineering Technology DreamSpark or MSDNAA ELMS account in the previous academic year?
    • Your e-mail subject line to include "DreamSpark access request".

  2. Once created your account you will receive an e-mail with the login information.

  3. Login to the site: to get the software through secure internet download.
    • Select the product you want to download and add it to your cart. Agree to the terms of the license agreement and download/run the Download Manager. Make sure you take note of the license number from the checkout page. You will need it to install the software. At average broadband speeds, a typical product's CD will take less an hour to download.


  1. Accounts expire at the end of one year period.

  2. If you forget your password, go to the site, attempt to log in, and follow the instructions

  3. These instructions must be followed and the ELMS system used for every product. Failure to do so will result in the termination of this program in Engineering Technology at MSU Denver.


General information about the DreamSpark Premium program can be found at

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