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Assessment Process - Electrical Engineering Technology

EET Program Objectives

The objectives for the EET program were re-written to the following statement.

  1. Graduates will be employed in an engineering related industry performing tasks such as:
    • Design Engineer
    • Sales Engineer
    • Test  Engineer
    • Maintenance Engineer
    • Project Engineer  
    • Engineering Manager
  2. Graduates will have successfully passed the FE exam and have performed engineering duties in industry for at least two years with progressive responsibilities.  Graduates will continue preparations toward sitting for and passing the PE exam.
  3. Graduates will engage in lifelong learning and professional development by acceptance and attendance in classes at graduate schools or being active members in one or more professional organizations related to their field.
  4. Graduates will function as a responsible member of society demonstrating professionalism in their work assignments and exhibit the following characteristics:
    • Ethics, including commitment to honesty and integrity
    • quality performance and timeliness
    • a willingness to learn new material and train and mentor  fellow employees
  5. Graduates will effectively use their technical, leadership, and communication skills in oral, written, visual and graphic methods to practice professionally in a collaborative, team oriented manner that embraces the multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and multicultural environment of today’s business world.

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