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Why Should I Choose an Accredited Program?

More in-depth information about accreditation can be found here.


Engineering Technology Programs Accredited 
by the ETAC Accreditation Commission of ABET,

ABET | Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission




Civil Engineering Technology Program (ETAC of ABET)

Electrical Engineering Technology Program(ETAC of ABET)

Mechanical Engineering Technology Program (ETAC of ABET)

If you are looking for more information about Graduating, please click here


 Graduation Data by Program

 Number of Grads Fall 2014 - Summer 2019


Graduation Data by Demographics

Graduation Data Demographics

Below is the number of declared majors and minors in the department. The number of declared majors and minors is take at the Fall Census date and used for the Academic Year.

Number of Majors and Minors 2014-2018

Below is the Enrollment data for all programs offered through the EAET department:

Enrollment counts all students in every class session, this may result in a student being counted multiple times if they have registered in multiple classes.

Enrollment Fall 2014 - Fall 2019

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