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A comprehensive overview (.pdf format) that provides information, on- and off-campus resources, checklists, and opportunities to become involved on behalf of DACA and undocumented college students. 

DREAMer Resource Guide (Feb. 28 update)

MSU Denver welcomes and values all students, including those who are undocumented. Financial Support is available through the institution and through many private scholarships, and the Immigrant Services Program can help you find and apply for those scholarships and MSU Denver's institutional aid. We also help you write strong and effective scholarship essays!

Together with the online scholarship application (available here), undocumented and DACA students should complete the DREAMer Application for Institutional Aid (DAIA) to apply for institutional financial support. DAIA 2019 2020

Refer to this document to look for private scholarships: Scholarships Updated Sp19  

For more information on institutional aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid or the Immigrant Services Program.

Mission Asset Fund

  • DACA Renewals Loans
    • Pay $49.50 for 10 months
    • Zero interest
  • Local provider for Lending Circles:

NEWSED Community Development

Corporation Contact: Andrea Barela

901 W. 10th Ave., Suite 2A Denver, CO 80204



Info sessions: 3rd Wednesday of every month 6:00-7:30 p.m.

NEWSED 901 W. 10th Ave., #2A Denver, CO 80204

Must RSVP to attend: or Adriana 303-534-8342 x 108


Self Help Credit Union

  • Citizenship Loan
    • Amounts: $680 up to $1000 per Citizenship applicant (up to a maximum of 4 applicants per loan)
    • Terms: Up to 36 months
    • Interest Rate: 17.7% APR*


  • DACA Loan
    • Amounts: $465 up to $800
    • With a 0.0% interest rate, and no application fee, (to cover the cost of the renewal application)
    • Additional loan amount may be available to cover other application costs.
    • Loan Terms: Up to 12 months

Fitzsimons Credit Union 

Provides $700 interest-free loans to be used toward any filing fees charged by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for immigration benefit requests.



When interacting with ICE or any law enforcement agency, knowing your rights is extremely important and can impact the outcome of your legal situation. For more information about your rights when interacting with ICE, please refer to the Immigrant Services frontpage and scroll down to "Know Your Rights when interacting with ICE (flyer & video)". 


Do you have specific questions about applying for DACA or questions about immigration law? Are you or is somebody you know facing deportation? Do you want to travel abroad and need a travel document? These are great local resources for questions about and help with immigration law. For additional resources, please contact the Immigrant Services Program. (Please keep in mind that these organizations are not directly affiliated with MSU Denver.) 


Legal Night at Centro San Juan Diego

2830 Lawrence St., Denver, CO 80205

  • Free legal advice, the first Wednesday of every month, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Phone: (303) 295-9470, Website: 


Educators for Fair Consideration - Dreamer Intake Service

(free personalized online service staffed by legal professionals) 


Colorado Legal Services, Specialized Immigration Services

1905 Sherman St., Ste 400, Denver, CO 80203

  • Free assistance to low-income individuals with VAWA/U/T visa applications
  • Trafficking/Labor Exploitation: criminal justice advocacy, civil litigation, community education and technical assistance

 Phone: (303) 866-9396 Fax: 303-863-8589, Email:,


Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic (JAMLAC)

913 Wyandot Street, Denver, CO 80204 

  • Provides monthly legal clinics at 7 locations throughout the Denver Metro area. All services are Spanish/English bilingual.

Phone: (303) 839-1008, Fax: (303) 595-5278, Email:, Website:


The Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN)

3489 W 72nd Ave #211, Westminster, CO 80030

  • Provides monthly legal clinics at 7 locations throughout the Denver Metro area. All services are Spanish/English bilingual.

 Phone: (303) 433-2812.


City of Littleton Immigrant Resource Center

6014 S. Datura St., Littleton, CO 80120

  • Assists low-income individuals with naturalization processes by completing forms and filing with USCIS.
  • Helps renew green cards and complete medical and fee waivers as part of the naturalization process if necessary. Does not currently offer assistance with family based petitions, but will likely do so in the future.
  • Offers ESL and Citizenship classes.
  • Provides other legal services and referrals to social services.
  • Consultations Fee: $40 if the client qualifies for a fee waiver.
  • Charges nominal fees on a sliding scale for legal services.

Phone: (303) 795-3968, Fax: (303) 795-3984, Email:, Website:


Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC)

2525 W. Alameda Ave, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80219

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition is a statewide, membership-based coalition of immigrant, faith, labor, youth, community, business and ally organizations founded in 2002 to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees by making Colorado a more welcoming, immigrant-friendly state. CIRC achieves this mission through non-partisan civic engagement, public education, and advocating for workable, fair and humane immigration policies.

Phone: 303.922.3344, Website:


American Immigration Lawyers Association

1331 G. Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 2005

How to Get Help: Complete and submit the online AILA MAP client information form. The information you provide will be forwarded to the AILA MAP project coordinator, who will attempt to match your case with an experienced immigration attorney who has volunteered to help you at no cost. You will be placed in direct contact with an AILA attorney who has agreed to work with you. If you do not receive an update within 4-6 weeks, please contact the PPC at AILA MAP will do its best to locate an attorney who can assist you, but matching is not guaranteed.

Email:, Website:

Servicios de la Raza

3131 W. 14th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80204

Our mission is to provide and advocate for culturally responsive, essential human services and opportunities. Servicios de La Raza serves as an integral part of the heart of the Latino community in Metro Denver, a trusted and accessible community resource strategically linked with many of Metro Denver’s schools and churches. 

Phone: (303) 458-5851, Website: 


Mi Casa Resource Center

360 Acoma St, Denver, CO 80223

Our Mission is to advance the economic success of families with limited opportunities, as an organization grounded in our Latino heritage. Our vision is to see our community flourishes for generations: Excelling in family, education, career, and business.

Mi Casa’s five-year vision focuses on three strategic priorities:

  • Integrated Services
  • Financial Freedom
  • Community Leadership

Phone: (303) 573-1302, Email:, Website: 


ABC Tax Preparation

At the Mi Casa Resource Center, 360 Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 

The Asset Building Coalition offers free tax preparation services, help with ITIN filings, and all other tax preparation questions. These services are free for families making less than $55,000.00 per year, or individuals earning less than $35,000.00 per year.

Phone: (303) 388-7030, Website:


Mi Familia Vota

4730 Oakland Street, Suite 210. Denver, CO 80239

Since our founding, Mi Familia Vota has integrated local organizing, leadership development, advocacy and building broad community partnerships with our voter engagement work; focusing on local, state and federal elections. 

Phone: (303) 375-6304, Website:




This guide provides information on working while undocumented/DACA-mented, and gives advice on how undocumented students can grow in their professional development and gain experience to be successful in a career or graduate school. It has information about the different licenses students need to obtain for their degrees. 

Click here to download: UndocuCareer Guide 6 14 19

My Undocumented Life

Our mission at My (Un)Documented Life is to provide up-to-date information and resources to undocumented immigrants. We post scholarship opportunities that are open to undocumented students, strategies for navigating the educational system, information on how to apply for DACA/Advanced Parole, news on DAPA, and much more. Most importantly, we want to provide a sense of community to our diverse group of readers.



Informed Immigrant

This site brings together a "collective of nationally recognized immigrant-serving organizations, lawyers, technologists, and allies dedicated to helping the undocumented immigrant community... Since November 2016, Informed Immigrant has connected the undocumented immigrant community with the information and resources they need to become empowered in our current political environment." It is updated regularly with current information about DACA, other visa statuses, and effective resources. 


Immigrants Rising (formerly Educators for Fair Consideration)


We empower undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals through personal, institutional and policy transformation.


We envision an America where all young people can pursue and complete an education with confidence and without constraint.

Website: w 


United We Dream

United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation. Our powerful nonpartisan network is made up of over 100,000 immigrant youth and allies and 55 affiliate organizations in 26 states. We organize and advocate for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status. We seek to address the inequities and obstacles faced by immigrant youth and believe that by empowering immigrant youth, we can advance the cause of the entire community - justice for all immigrants. 




Know Your Rights

This guide has information about your rights as an immigrant. The American Friends Service Committee have put together a complete guide that will hopefully provide the information needed for people to protect and defend their rights. 

Click here to access the guide. Also, please refer to the Immigrant Serrvices frontpage for information regarding your rights when interacting with ICE. Please scroll down to "Know your Rights when interacting with ICE (flyer & video)".


What are Sensitive Locations?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) limits immigration enforcement actions from occurring at "sensitive locations."

Click here to learn more. Schools, hospitals, and courts are such sensitive locations, although there have been isolated incidents in Denver when immgration enforcement was conducted in and around courthouses. 


City of Denver's Questions & Answers About Immigrant Rights


Be prepared! Make a Family Plan

It is very important to be prepared to face all possible scenarios. This is a checklist of items to keep in mind when making a family plan. 

Click here to access the checklist.

Dental Screening & Exam

The CU School of Dental Medicine senior students are currently screening patients to participate in a clinical board exam. Participants will receive free dental x-rays and a screening exam. Qualifying patients may receive up tp two free fillings and/or a free cleaning plus compensation for their time. 

For more information about requirements, times and locations, please take a look at the following flyer: CU Anschutz - Dental Screenings and Exams

For more information or to register contact: or 720-432-0377

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