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(1) Maintain respect.

Being undocumented is an immense burden and psychological stress factor - an undocumented individual and their family are at constant risk of being expelled from their home country. Being undocumented means not having access to many state or federal resources that everybody else may take for granted. Be mindful of your questions and keep in mind that asking about one's immigration status can be very intrusive and threatening.

(2) Inform yourself.

There are many ways to learn about the challenges that undocumented students face on and off campus - you can look through our web-based resources to learn more, attend an Undocupeers training, or ask a student who has been open to you about their immigration status.

(3) Recognize the barriers to education.

Only 5-10% of undocumented youth ever enroll in college - in comparison, the overall percentage of students enrolling in college in the fall immediately after high school was nearly 70% in 2014 (NCES, 2015). In part, this is because no federal or state financial aid or loans are available for undocumented students in Colorado, and even private loans are almost impossible to obtain. You can be an effective ally to undocumented students by openly addressing the need to make higher education equally accessible for all.

(4) Show your support.

A simple sign in your office - such as the one available on this page - can show an undocumented student that they are in a safe space. Also, when reviewing on- and off-campus support programs and organizations, be sure to include groups and events that serve the specific needs of undocumented individuals. (Look through this page for a sample of such organizations.) 


Helpful Guides for Educators and Others

What to do if ICE comes to campus

MSU Denver DREAMer Resource Guide

This Dreamer Resource Guide (Updated February 2020) was created by MSU Denver DREAMer Network. It will help faculty and staff to understand better and support undocumented and DACA students.


Steps to Success

This guide provides an overview over important steps when applying to MSU Denver, specificalyl tailored for Dreamer Students.

Steps to Success for Dreamers (Updated Spring 2020)


A Gude for Educators and School Support Staff

This guide was created by TEACHING TOLERANCE: A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. It contains valuable information for educators, staff, and people around undocumented and refugee students. 

Click here to access the guide 



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