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Financial aid for DACA and undocumented students

In Colorado, DACA and undocumented students should apply for

1. state-funded financial aid (such as the Colorado College Responsibility Grant or state-funded workstudy for work-eligible students). To apply, student should complete the DIAIA form and online scholarship application (see below), and additional documents may be requested from the Office of Financial Aid

2. financial aid directly from the institution (also requires completion of DIAIA form and online scholarship application)

3. Off-campus state or national scholarship opportunities (see below)

Permanent Residents, citizens, and approved-status refugees/asylees can apply for financial aid using FAFSA. Federal financial aid is currently not available for students with DACA, TPS, or undocumented status.


DACA-status, undocumented, and international students need to complete the DIAIA Form 2021 fillable form to apply for financial aid for the 20/21 academic year. This income assessment form assesses the financial need for the student's household and tax or income information is needed to complete this document, and it needs to be completed for each academic year.

The student also needs to complete the online scholarship application every year. 


For more information on financial, please refer to the Office of Financial Aid


The Scholarships for Immigrant Students - Updated Spring 2020 Guide (updated January 2020) provides an overview over some national, state, and local (off-campus) scholarships and links or instructions on how to apply. We usually update this guide once a year. 

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