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Student Success Teams

Over the past two years the Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Implementation Team has been focused on researching and implementing the recommendation strategies identified in the Connecting the Dots report. These efforts have included efforts to increase recruitment, persistence and degree completion of Hispanic and all students. In collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs, and as part of a broader effort to improve retention and graduation of all students, the HSI Implementation team will expand to add Student Success work group teams that will each focus on an identified specific population.

The Student Success Teams:

Hispanic Student Success Team

Black & African American Student Success Team

Asian & Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Student Success Team

Indigenous, American Indian & Alaskan Native Student Success Team

Low income Student Success Team


Each of the additional student success teams will identify national and regional research, best practices, and issues that impact their identified student population while also studying the student population as it exists at MSU Denver. The information and understanding gained will be used to inform others on the specific population and shape practice. Each group will also meet in larger group meetings to address the relevant info of their population and how it compares and contrasts to other student populations. Through this effort, recommendations will be created to improve the academic and student success of each of all students.

Objectives and Deliverables

Each should be a cross functional team focused on the specific population. Leads of each group will be identified through a recommendation process. Objective and goals on how each priority is met will be developed by each team relevant to the needs of the identified population.

Team Member Recruitment:

Student Success Team Members will be recruited spring 2019 from existing HSI Implementation Team, and colleges, schools and departments.

Team Member Requirement:

Meet as a group monthly focused on the specific population, attend meetings, conduct research as appropriate, and attend presentations and training as needed. Meet as a larger group every six weeks to share-out efforts. Together provide recommendations overall on how to improve retention and graduation of all students.

Sharing of Information and possible quarterly reports will be provided through a student success specific website and portal for the campus community.


Through focused efforts to gain understanding of the specific population group, each team is tasked with the following:

Priority 1: Increase the existence of diverse populations at the university through targeted recruitment and retention activities

Priority 2: Improve retention rates towards graduation

Priority 3: Develop system and database of strategies/best practices to inform/develop skills, competencies and pedagogy to best meet the needs of the specific populations

Priority 4: Identify appropriate data needs to inform practice and monitor key performance indicators

Priority 5: Develop practice of disaggregating data across these populations and develop longitudinal systems to track each population

Priority 6: Create a nurturing environment and a culture of inclusion and respect for all students

Priority 7: Inform and educate how all information works to improve success of all students

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